Good morning! I just successfully opened (by video hearing) an intestate probate estate in Cook Co. with just over 100 heirs. Any probate attys out there have that # beat? Just need to check the stamp drawer to send all those notices!

Had my first Cook County probate court video hearing this morning (currently only for "emergency" matters). Sure would be nice to have this option going forward for all matters except for hearings requiring witnesses.

I am here for my estate planning and probate clients. While I intend to keep regular business hours, you can always call me and leave a message. I receive voicemails via email, so I will call you back from home if needed. Much work can be accomplished via phone, email, web, etc.

Federal Estate, Gift & GST Exemption:
2018-2025: $11.18 million (inflation-indexed after 2018)
2026: $5+ million (plus inflation-indexed)

Illinois Estate Tax:
2018 & after: $4 million (not inflation-indexed & not portable b/w spouses)

Annual Gift Tax Exemption 2018: $15,000

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