What a fluke! 😱😮@GeorgiaTech @GTAthletics @gatech wins in OT by a measurement on a weird play against Miami. I didn’t think they would win a game all year. What a fluke, but I’ll take it.

Quick Browse and Download PDFs of all the issued Design Patents for Week 42 of 2019 via Impeccable IP #designpatents

Happy to announce that my client, a writer who had her script optioned by a director who then made the film without telling her (and without paying her) was awarded $125,000 in an IFTA arbitration yesterday. #Justice

Suiter Swantz IP Patent Attorney Jason Glanzer and Patent Agent Elizabeth Foley had a great afternoon networking at the Celebrating Women in #STEM event earlier this week. Thank you, @BioNebraska for hosting such a great and important event!

Yesterday, Owner & Patent Attorney Chad Swantz helped judge the final round of the Maverick BigIdea Pitch Contest. Congratulations to all of the bright students who participated. We are happy to help our local entrepreneurial ecosystem in any way we can! #UNOCBA

Your car might be worth less money after an accident than it was before it was damaged. You may be entitled to compensation for this diminished value. Learn more in our latest post. #LosAngeles #CarAccident

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